SP Case and Session Tips

SP Case creation tips:

• Name the support files in the Admin task group.  Attach support files in Cases task, details screen.

• Plan and add Case Classifications if you will use them to organize your cases.

• Plan and add Item Categories and response details.  Plan your item categories in advance and use them consistently when entering cases.  For example, using a category named "Patient History" for some cases and a category named "History Checklist" for other cases will make it more difficult to compare similar items at the end of the school year.

• Plan and add Checklist Items (Item Library). This makes entering cases/ checklists and post encounter faster and more efficient.

• Case name (not title) is displayed to SPs on the Checklist  (No case info is displayed to students)

• Timing is very important when using an automated digital AV session.  Pay attention to the timing of the encounter, post encounter, and SP Documentation time. (Cases Task / Details Screen)

Before creating your Detailed SP Session:

• Check that case encounter and post encounter timing is accurate. (Cases Task / Details Screen)

• Mark cases complete

• Add case to your Case Collection

• Choose or create the correct blueprint for the number of encounters, rooms, students.

Before creating an Instant SP Session: