Edit or Delete Role

To edit an existing Role, click on the task Access Rolesin the Users Task Group.

The menu item navigates to the Edit a Role screen which allows the authorized user to edit or delete the Task Groups in the Role.  Save the changes by clicking on the action key Save.

The Task Group that needs to be added or removed is selected by clicking on it and then moving it to the desired field using the right or left arrows.  Multiple selections can be done by holding down the CTRL key along with the Mouse Click on the selected Tasks.  Task groups may be ordered using the up/down arrows.


Edit Role

To remove a Task Group from the Role being modified, select it from List Box of Current Task Groups; and click on the left arrow to move it back to the All Task Group Names pane.  Save the change by clicking the Save action key.

To Delete the Role

Select the Role to be deleted and click on the Delete button on the bottom of the page.

Delete Role