Create Task Group

The Task Group is a collection of various Tasks that are carried out in the application.


In the Users Task Group, select Task Groups from the bar below.


Main Menu


The menu item navigates to the Edit Task Group screen. The New Task Group action key is displayed at right.



Click on the New Task Group key to be navigated to the following screen.

The user will name the new Task Group and select the Tasks associated as well as the icon to be used in the main menu display.

Adding Tasks to the Group

The Task that needs to be added is selected by clicking on it and then moving it to the Selected Tasks by clicking on the arrow.  Multiple selections can be done by holding down the CTRL key along with the Mouse Click on the selected Tasks.  Click on Save to create the task group.


New Task Group

New Task Group



Field Description

Task Group Name

The name given to the new Task Group.


Task Names

List of the Tasks defined in the system.


The list of Tasks that are to be associated with the new Task Group being created.

Task Images

Select an Icon to be associated with the Task Group to be displayed on the main menu.

Action Keys


Closes the screen without saving changes.



Action Button that submits all the information for a new Task Group to the database.