Pending SP

This section of the application displays the list of people who have "Applied for a Job" themselves as standardized patients and have submitted their applications for approval and confirmation as a standardized patient.


Main Menu


The pending SP can be approved or rejected as an SP in this section.  Their information can be modified or updated as per the requirement of the user.  The Pending SP information can be updated by clicking on the hyperlink formed on the potential SP's name.


To change status and other information for any pending SP the authorized user would be required to edit the potential SP information using the hyperlink formed on the name.  If the status of SP is changed to Approved, then the SP information is removed from the Pending SP list and added to SP List in the SP Profile section.  If however the status of the pending SP is changed to rejected, the SP record shifts to the rejected SP status.


Pending SPs

Pending SP List



Select and display Male, Female, or All SPs that have submitted the request.

SP Status

Select and display Pending, Rejected or Both types of SP records from the database.

SP Name

The display section shows a list of all SPs that

Phone No

have applied for the SP position at the Center.


This section shows the SP Name, Phone Number,


Email, and Gender


Displays the status of the SP as Pending or Rejected

Action Keys


Returns to the previous screen or main menu.


Add Pending SP

Returns to a screen where new Pending SP information can be submitted

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