Parameters Tab

Parameters tab defines the system values which are required to send e mails to the Faculty, SP, student etc carrying the information of their tests etc.

Parameters Tab

Parameters Tab

Field Description

Date Source Name for the CSTE Application

Data Source name for the CSTE Database: The DSN is used by the Email component to access database information.

Scanner Used

name of the scanner to be used for scanning paper assessment.  This functionality is currently disabled.

SMTP Server Address

It is the address for the SMTP mail server.

Temporary Attachment Folder

This is the location of the Folder on the server where temporary files are stored.

SMTP account for Authentication

If the SMTP Server requires authentication, SMTP account name for authentication.   

SMTP Password

SMTP Password for authentication may be required for sending out emails from the server.   

Password Expiration Time Frame

Number of days after which the password expires for a user.  

Time frame for Message

The number of days following a password change when a "change password" message will be displayed to the user.

Use SSN as student ID

If this variable is set to “Y” for Yes, then the students social security number is used for Student ID.  If this variable is set to “N” then the Student ID can be different from the student’s social security number.

Mandatory User Name for Student

Used to enforce mandatory user name for students: If this variable value is set to Y, then for Student Post Encounter the student has to enter a user name instead of the student ID.

Hide Student Information in SPDE

If the option is selected then the student details are not displayed to the SP in the SP Checklist section.

Disable Resizing of Controls

If user is using Client Server application along with the Web application then this option should be selected to disable re-sizing of the screens.

Digital Audio Video System Integrated With CSTE

If the user has a Digital Audio & Video system and it is integrated with Clinical Skills Training & Evaluation application then select this item and it will help in automating and indexing of the digital recording session for the user.

SMTP Server Requires Authentication

If the option is selected then the Email component of the Server environment will require the SMTP Account Name and Password for sending out Emails.  

Enforce PE Timing

If this option is selected then the system time the students during the Post encounter and allow them only a fixed amount of time before automatically submitting the student response into the database.


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